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The reasons for hunting, researching, calling out and documenting Stolen Valor are many, what it is not is about is fame or personal recognition. It’s about Honoring Our Brothers and Sisters who Served in America’s Military and paid the ultimate price for that Service. Visit them here. 

All knives made by this veteran-owned company are one-of-a-kind created from recycled and salvaged materials. Check them out! 

Gold Star Holsters is both a designer and manufacturer of custom holsters for every make and model of hand gun. High-quality, comfort and ease of use are at the forefront of each custom holster. Visit them here. Use code PALEHORSE.


Check out the best socks on the planet! For each pair of SOLEDIER SOCKS sold, a free pair of the “Thomas” will be put on the feet of an active soldier in the U.S. military. Our goal at SOLEDIER SOCKS is to make sure that every service member, in every branch of our military, never has to worry about a new pair of socks again. Use code PaleHorseCoffee 

When you choose BEARD VET beard oil and balm, you are not just getting a cosmetic ointment, you are getting a product that is healthy and beneficial for your skin and beard. Visit them here.

Hampton Roads VA Patriots!

Primo Cigars is located inside the Percolator, Ford Campus 435 Monticello Ave Norfolk VA 23510. They retail the finest boutique Cigars and Coffee and also offer coffee service! There is a bar in the space, so grab a drink and a cigar and have a seat on the patio!