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Which coffee maker to use.

Everyone knows that you can’t start a proper day without a great cup of your favorite coffee. This will require a brewing device. With so many choices out there, which one is right for you? Does it need a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, face-identity, thumbprint, whiz-bang interface? I guess it could and I’m not saying that anything is wrong with those high-end units, but here are the items I look for when buying a coffee maker:a. Avoid brewing into a glass carafe that sits on a hotplate unless you plan to consume the coffee immediately or transfer it to an insulated airpot or carafe. Otherwise, the brewed coffee will get “cooked” and will be ruined fairly quickly. An insulated container (carafe) will...

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Make your own damn Cold Brew

I shake my head every time I see the cost of cold brew coffees. I suppose that people are willing to pay those prices because they don't understand how easy it is to make cold brew. So, your friendly neighborhood Pale Horse is here to break it down for you.    First, let's look at when cold brew might be a better fit: - If you have acid reflux or other problems caused by acid, cold brew is for you. Acidity is normal in coffee and primarily from the heating of the coffee during the brewing process. So, cold brew uses cold or room temperature water so the acid issue is greatly reduced.  - Sometimes, it's hot outside. No, really, sometimes...

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What's the big deal with our coffee?

Over the years I have heard many people who state that they wouldn’t spend much on coffee because “it’s just coffee”. I feel bad for those people because that means they have never had small batch fresh roasted coffee…they are going through life opening up that “fancy” coffee that they can get from the grocer. There’s no difference, right? Yes, there is! There is a huge difference. Why are there different cuts of meat at the grocer? Because some are just better than others. Most of what you can buy in the grocer is Robusta bean coffee. Robusta beans will grow pretty much ANYWHERE so they are grown, harvested, and processed in far greater volume and for far cheaper than...

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