Which coffee maker to use.

Everyone knows that you can’t start a proper day without a great cup of your favorite coffee. This will require a brewing device. With so many choices out there, which one is right for you? Does it need a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, face-identity, thumbprint, whiz-bang interface? I guess it could and I’m not saying that anything is wrong with those high-end units, but here are the items I look for when buying a coffee maker:
a. Avoid brewing into a glass carafe that sits on a hotplate unless you plan to consume the coffee immediately or transfer it to an insulated airpot or carafe. Otherwise, the brewed coffee will get “cooked” and will be ruined fairly quickly. An insulated container (carafe) will not destroy the flavor, so the coffee can be used for iced coffee after it cools down. No waste!
b. Your coffee and water need time to get to know each other! At one end of the spectrum are the single pod systems. A lot of water gets forced through pre-ground coffee in a short period of time. The result is often weak (underextraction) and does not yield those rich, flavorful essences that come from coffee. The upside to these systems is speed. You can usually go from an empty cup to out the door in under 2 minutes! You'll be carrying a cup of brown swill, but hey, look at the time you saved. On the other end of the spectrum is the French Press. With the press, the water and grounds spend 4ish minutes together and the result is a robust, bold, and flavor-packed brew. The downside is that it takes time. Heating the water, waiting on the coffee to steep, and cleaning out the press afterward = time. Even so, I believe this is the way to get the most out of your coffee. Taking this to the extreme would be the cold brew, which can take up to 24 hours to brew.
Pick what works best for you! When I have the time and don’t need a large amount of coffee, I reach for my French Press. If I need more made and will drink it over a longer period of time, I use my Ninja Coffee Bar drip maker with the insulated thermal carafe. We actually go through a lot of coffee in our house so I also have a $25 airpot I bought and I will often brew two pots and pour them in the airpot. Stays hot for 12+ hours! At work I have a $26 drip-style coffee pot, but again, it has an insulated carafe vice a glass pot…works like a champ!
There are dozens of other brewing methods out there (pour-overs, espresso machines, percolators, etc.), but I just wanted to take the time to touch on a few so you can start making an informed decision.
If I HAD to give you advice on one device over others, it would be the French Press.
Here is a link with some useful descriptions. We aren’t endorsing any of the products, but there is some great info on each type of brewing device. 

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