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Something dark awaits you...

This coffee is to honor those Patriots who are no longer in the military but still support and defend America around the globe. You will never know the names of these proud warriors, nor will you know what exactly it is that they do, but just know that you are safer with them on the watch!

Roast Level: Dark

Region: Mandheling
Elevation: 800 to 1,500 meters
Varietal(s): Sumatra (Spontaneous mutant of variety Typica)
Process: Dry

In the Cup: Bakers Chocolate, Syrupy, Hint of Dark Cherry,
Sweet Lemon Acidity, Earthy

In collaboration with Shooter Jobs.  

Take a walk on the Dark Side!!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bold but not bitter

Smooth dark roast with no bitterness and mild acidity. Great cup of coffee!

Excellent coffee

I've tried a lot of coffees and honestly believe these guys sell some of the best I've ever tried.

I'm not talking about Folgers or Maxwell House quality folks - this is some SERIOUS coffee.

If you want deep, rich, strong coffee that tastes like coffee really should, this is the coffee for you.

If you like the crap you get at breakfast diners or that shit from Seattle that smells like they added ground up fish guts to it, don't bother.

But, if you're a patriot that loves good coffee, GET SOME!