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Hunter Seven Coffee

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This coffee blend is in collaboration with Hunter Seven. Please take some time to learn about their mission. Profits from this coffee help to further their mission in Veteran healthcare and research.

50% of profits go directly to Hunter Seven to further their mission.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee.

Roast Level: Dark

Region: Indonesia, Africa, & South America

In the Cup: Strong Body; Walnut, Dark Chocolate, Sweet Pipe Tobacco, and Dark Fruit

"Mortars outside of FOB Marez, Mayhem in Mosul,
Contact! confusion and chaos...
Over the comms... "This is HUNTER 7 Actual, how copy?"
Ranger Rob Bowman on the radio,
An Essential explosion of energy,
Serenity of the strategic Sergeant Major,
A fearless leader on the front lines, we knew we would be okay,
Defending the men of Deuce-Four,
Defeating the enemy again.
His impact in Iraq, assured us we would come back.
A Warrior right up until his very last breath..."

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Only The Best Deals!

This purchase is my second. After enjoying the Hunter Seven. I had to have more. I use an old school stainless perc unit. I cannot stress enough the need for great coffee to put in it. The deals and Customer Service are second to none!! Having Great coffee and helping my fellow service men and women is a no brainer. Hoorah! From Northern Maine!

Good cause

I love to grind beans and knives


Great coffee and a great cause.

Consistently Exceeds Standard

Amazing coffee made by amazing people! Truly stellar performance with fresh, rich tastes of excellent coffee made even better by the personal touches only a veteran owned and operated company brings! Thank you for putting time and effort into an amazing product that directly supports veterans and their families.

Amazing Coffee

The Hunter Seven blend is possibly the best coffee I've ever had. I appreciate how profits go to help veteran healthcare. Will definitely be buying more.