4 Horsepower

4 Horsepower

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You need more horsepower to make it through the day without throat-chopping someone? We understand and we offer our Horsepower 4 Pack to keep you properly caffeinated and out of prison!

Choose 12oz or 1LB bags and your grind option. Your pack comes with these four medium to medium-dark roasts:

1x Mercenary 

1x Angry Squid

1x Salty's Reveille Roast

1x Patriot Blend

Customer Reviews

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First time trying PHC and I’m not disappointed!! A cup of Angry Squid makes me less angry and ready to conquer the day!!

If u want real robust coffee taste this is not for you

I like bold coffee- I love the charity component which is why I purchased - so far- the taste of the coffee is weak- no matter how much I use/brew

Sorry to hear that. Sounds like you like more of the dark roast side which is our '4 The Dark Horse' Combo Pack.
Initial PHC Shipment

This is my first shipment of PHC. Everything went well with the ease of ordering, shipping and receiving my coffee. I just started with the first bag of my 4 bag order and the jury is still out. I plan on updating my review once I have had 4 of my coffees. Overall a great experience.